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Awake Breast Augmentation™

Over 5,000 procedures performed
Our Medical Director of Fountain of Youth Surgical Group specializing in Awake Breast Augmentation. Dr. Anil K. Gandhi has been practicing surgery for over 30 years. Dr. Anil K. Gandhi, he began his residency in the United States in 1971, After completing his surgical residence in 1977, he pursued his passion in surgery.  Since 1977 practiced in and around Los Angeles Community and Latino Community with love and care to his patients. Dr. Gandhi chose not become board certified. Dr. Gandhi's services to many throughout his career has allowed him to bring valuable experience and unique insight into the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Gandhi derives no greater pleasure than helping make women beautiful.
Our Medical Director Dr. Anil K. Gandhi performs Wildwood Surgical Group’s cosmetic procedures under local Tumescent Anethesia. What is commonly referred to as the “Tumescent Technique” which permits Liposuctiuon totally by Local Tumescent Anesthesia was the innovation creation of Dr. Jeffrey Klein. After learning local tumescent anethesia Dr. Gandhi perfected and mastered the techinque of Awake Breast Augmentation under Tumescent Anethesia. Today it has become the worldwide standard of care that maximizes the safety of patients and allow such procedures as smart laser liposuction, awake breast augmentation™  and many others to be performed with optimal results. 
Local Tumescent Anethesia offers many advantages to our patients such as:
  • Safe, no side effects
  • None of the complications of general anesthesia
  • No extra cost of general anesthesia (anesthesiologist)
  • Painless
  • Bloodless
  • Doctor less likely to make mistake as patients are alert
  • Lidocain is bacterio static acts as antibiotics, reduces incidence of infection
  • For breast implants, patients can sit up and decide on amount of saline and size of implant
  • Faster recovery
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