Awake Breast Augmentation™

As a trained physician for over 30 years, Dr. Anil K Gandhi introduced his innovative technique, "Awake Breast Augmentation™" in  2004. The term "Awake Breast Augmentation™" which was coined by Dr. Anil K. Gandhi, is the unique technique that he has developed to completely anesthetize the breast area with local tumescent anesthesia, in order to perform a breast augmentation without the need of general anesthesia.  Awake Breast Augmentation™, not to be confused with Smart Breast Augmentation or other forms of breast augmentation performed under local anesthesia; is a very safe a unique technique of breast augmentation where complete numbness of the breast and muscle area is achieved to allow a completely painless surgery with minimal blood loss.  It is so unique, that Dr. Anil K. Gandhi is now a Physician instructor and preceptor for his Awake Breast Augmentation™ technique.

Contrary to popular belief and criticism, patients are NOT heavily sedated, nor do they choose their breast implant size while on the surgery table.  As with all rumors, the truth is distorted and assumptions are made and we are left with many misconceptions. 
When patients come in for their initial consultation, Dr. Anil K. Gandhi discusses with patients what sizes they would like; and based on measurements Dr. Anil K. Gandhi takes, he can then let the patient know what can fit comfortably according to their anatomy and measurements.  At this point in time, the patient is given size recommendations, (a minimum and a maximum point), and is shown samples of the implants to help make a decision.
The day of surgery, patient has the option of their significant other or loved one to come in the O.R. in a certain time frame (about 3-5 minutes) right before Dr. Anil K. Gandhi closes.  At this point the patient is propped up and can view themselves in a mirror and can decide whether she would like to increase the size to the maximum point of the implant. (This can only be done with saline implants).   All implants have a minimum and maximum point of fill to reach, and this is the only option they will have at this point in time; assuming that the patients' breasts are symmetrical and that the size of implants are not different.  In cases of asymmetrical breasts, the option would not be there as the volume would need to be adjusted to compensate for the difference in breast.  So.....NO, patients do not choose their size while they are on the O.R. table.  That would be unprofessional, and unethical to make such an important decision during surgery.
Dr. Anil K. Gandhi has performed over 2,000 successful surgeries and (thankfully) has never had any major complications.
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