Laser Treatments


Lasers when visible light is intensified, under special circumstances it becomes a laser. There are several different machines producing different intensity and power of lasers. Lasers are used in medicine for different purposes.

  1. Lasers for eye: use for retina problems, used for Astigmatism, ciliary corrections
  2. Lasers for Brain Surgery: used for precision bloodless surgery
  3. Lasers for Surgery: for prostate, some small tumors
  4. Skin lasers: use for Aesthetic purposed, hair removal, varicose veins, skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, also used for removal of skin lesions

In our office we have CO2 laser for skin lesions and CO2 fractional laser for resurfacing computer guided precise depth, helps destroy cells, leaving intact in between cells, giving rejuvenated skin.

Smart Lipo lasers, used in surgery, used properly, helps melt some fat but works to help rejuvenate skin surgically. 

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