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Transgender / Transexual Awake Augmentation

For several years, Dr. Anil K. Gandhi, has been offering his “Awake Breast Augmentation ™” technique to transsexual/transgender men The surgical procedure for Awake Breast Augmentation in transsexual/transgender men is nearly identical to that of a female breast augmentation. Awake breast augmentation™ is also known as augmentation mammoplasty.  The process involves the use of local Tumescent Anesthesia which allows you to remain awake, and involved during the entire cosmetic procedure.

For Transexual/Transgender patients, breast augmentation represents an important step in establishing their feminine identities, and the decision to get transsexual/transgender  breast implants is not one that should be made lightly. Potential candidates need to consider many of the same factors as women who decide for breast implants.

Surgery wise, transsexual/transgender breast implants are not different from the breast implants that a woman receives. The implants used for transsexual/transgender breast implants are identical, and so are the options for incisions. Both silicone and saline implants may be used.  Patients can choose to have their transsexual breast implants placed over or under the muscle tissue in The risks and possible complications for transsexual/transgender breast implants are the same as well, with possibility for infections and capsular contractions as well as many other complications.

Transsexual/transgender breast implants can be expensive and are not usually covered by health insurance. The “Awake Breast Augmentation” technique offers transsexual patients an affordable and painless way to having breast augmentation surgery.

The process of Awake Breast Augmentation surgery, varies from patient to patient.  Dr. Anil K. Gandhi, will tailor the procedure for each individual.  On the day your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Anil K. Gandhi and you will be given a detail explanation of how the surgery is performed.  Dr. Anil K. Gandhi, will then take measurements and depending on your anatomy, skin elasticity, and aesthetic goals, he will give you his recommendations for implant size. The breast implants can be inserted through any of the typical incision sites:

  •  Periareolar (an incision made at the outer edge of the areola)
  • Transaxillary (an incision made through the armpit)
  • Inframammary (an incision made beneath the breast).

  Inframmary, axillary, and peri-areola incisions can be performed, as mentioned before, depending on each individual’s anatomy, Dr. Anil K. Gandhi will also give you his recommendation as to what incision on site would be best for you.


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