Why saline implants and not silicone?

The new silicone implants are called gummy bear implants.  When they are put in the body, the body heat will cause the implant to soften and become more gel like.  Women are made to believe that silicone are better for appearance purposes, when in reality, the are the same appearance wise.  There is actually no difference in appearance.  If you put one saline implant in one breast and one silicone in the other, there will be no difference in appearance.  The only difference will be in feeling.  When you touch the breast, there will be a difference.

Saline implants vs. Silicone implants.   Silicone implants are prefilled and must be inserted by making a 4 ½ in. incision versus the saline implant where you can fold the implant very small and inserted in a considerably smaller incision, 1 ½ in.  The incision of a saline implant is much more unnoticeable.

In cases of rupturing the saline implant would deflate, the breast would become smaller and would be obvious to a physician that the implant has rupture.  With silicone implants, it can not be obvious.  If the outer shell of the implant ruptures, it would not be noticeable to a physician without getting an MRI.  Because of this,  Patients with silicone implants are recommended to have an MRI every 2 to 3 years to make sure they are intact.

If saline implants are to removed, in cases of the implant being ruptured at the time of removal, there would be no complications as saline is completely safe.  On the other hand, if a silicone implant is ruptured at the time of removal, there is the possibility of the silicone coming in contact with the body, which could cause complications.

Silicone implants are 3 times more expensive than those of Saline.  Therefore in our practice we recommend saline implants. We have priced accordingly saline implants at $4200, and often have specials for even lower price.

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